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  • Ring
    Originally posted on Ways of the Wallflower:
    He stumbled amid the shifting obscurity of twisted shadowy boles. His breath was ragged with exhuastion; deep, violent intakes of air bathed his lungs in the suffocating fear of the feverish night. He felt his heart clawing to be released; the rising palpitations unleashing a pounding beast that…
  • Roasted
    The tavern was a cacophonous symphony of drunken shouting and revelry. The noise ravaged any semblance of quiet that may have settled in the street its doors opened to; once inside, it threatened to deafen the patrons. Any sober man would wonder how the good spirit could exist when it was near impossible to hear … Continue reading Roasted
  • Tranquil
    The wolf knelt on his haunches to drink from the lake, disturbing the peace with the thirsty plunge of his muzzle. The sharp intake of air and splash of water all but drowned the tranquil noises of the night as he forced torrents down his arid throat. Strange that the taste of blood never quenches … Continue reading Tranquil
  • Poisonous
    A terrible gloom descended over the cavemouth as Tystnad made his way into the dark, blotting out the only source of light that made the brave act seem doable. Whether it was an omen of foreboding or simply a coincidental shift in the clouds, he felt his courage waver momentarily as he stared into the … Continue reading Poisonous
  • Actualisation in an Age of Lockdown – A Pandemic’s Hidden Symptom of Idleness and Self-evaluation
    What defines us in an age of uncertainty? It is not so much a question, as it is a realisation that many have responded to throughout the world in action. As unprecedented times confront us with nothing but our own imagination, we are left to contemplate our worth in this unexpected solitude by revisiting the … Continue reading Actualisation in an Age of Lockdown – A Pandemic’s Hidden Symptom of Idleness and Self-evaluation
  • The Dilemma of Inverses and the Outlook on a New Decade
    Inverse /ˈɪnvəːs,ɪnˈvəːs/ noun A phase, feeling or position opposite in its shape, order, direction, or effect; most often encountered in a season that calls for change. I was in a flux state of loosened inhibitions… I entered the new year through a semi-stupored haze of top-shelf liquor, white cotton shirts, the building thrum of trance … Continue reading The Dilemma of Inverses and the Outlook on a New Decade
  • Ripe
    Another night had come, but with it, it brought the first semblance of peace that Tystnad had known in some time. Overlooking the roof of the world, he sat on the cliff ledge with his feet dangling down. Cradled in the clouds, hung the swollen moon; bursting with the crisp wintery light that suffused the … Continue reading Ripe
  • Catch
    Tystnad… The name was an echo on Halvadere’s memory. And with it, the image of the mage never left him as he had departed. Reluctantly. If not for the pressing threat that was approaching the surrounding farmsteads and villages winding its way to the capital city, then the dragon may not have been so hasty … Continue reading Catch
  • Injured
    Tystnad knew only the nightmare, until his dream became a fading farrago of sky and fire, of crimson and blue – that made him open his eyes to the dark… At least, until his eyes adjusted. And then his vision was filled with the blotted grey of a cave mouth, with its walls curving outward … Continue reading Injured
  • Ride
    Stormclouds rolled in from the east, as if in challenge to the tempest being unleashed on the field of battle. The earth around him had been torn apart. What had once been a lush valley was now but a blasted land bearing nothing but the bones of an unholy crusade. The mage had yet again … Continue reading Ride
  • Coat
    The Dreadwood. A fowl name for an equally fowl place. Blackblade had heard it mentioned before, albeit in whispers, and fleetingly. Those who had survived the worst of its evil allure spit their words like bile when describing it… wishing desperately that they would not be expected to dwell on those dark memories for too … Continue reading Coat
  • Dark
    Death. In his mortal existence, the necromancer had been obsessed with its call. And now in lieu with the shadow eternal, it was all mortal memory that he retained; a shred from a former life that had long since given sway before the dark beauty of the abyss. Now, he no longer answered the call. … Continue reading Dark
  • Tasty
    From the darkened sky she drew a sliver of midnight, and draped it over sunkissed soldiers that did not feel befriended with the chill of night. Förandra was not accustomed to these neck of the woods. The very air seemed so much colder than the areas that surrounded her own dwelling. Yet the same trees … Continue reading Tasty
  • Dizzy
    He blinked… once… twice… barely having hold of his thoughts as they churned faster than his body could pursue. The axe had long since dented the loam, and he fell beside it to steady himself against the earth. His sanity, spirit and consciousness all fragmented, coalesced, detached, and then collided again with his body – … Continue reading Dizzy
  • Ancient
    If the capital city shone with what felt like a bright luminiscence as sunlight caught its glittering white spires, then it was contrasted starkly by its personality during the night. The order of the daytime guard was almost immediately replaced by its nightime revelry. It came as no surprise, since layers of arcane protection surrounded … Continue reading Ancient
  • Ghost
    Cozily seated by the hearth of his home, with the steady crackle of firewood to ward off the bite of winter, the wizened wizard sat in a spell of mere idle reflection. The firelight warmly wrapped itself around his old frame. He had reclined in his favourite chair, as quiet collusions of thought drifted though … Continue reading Ghost
  • Treasure
    A storm brews inside you; a great tempest that seeks to tear you away from who you truly are… He stood on the outcropping of rock, overlooking the vast field. He had not planned on coming here. In fact, he had tried to resist it. But the irresistible pull of energy that pervaded the plain … Continue reading Treasure
  • Tread
    ” — So… you bring ill tidings from abroad, I hear.” His sonorous voice sounded irritable beneath that gruff tone. Without much patience for introductions, the king had marched in, decked out in full armour as he addressed Blackblade. The dragon was made to stand in the middle of the throne hall, fully surrounded by … Continue reading Tread
  • Sling
    Norgrund held his breath as he hid behind the hillrigde that looked down into the swooping valley. The sky was a dimming blue as the sun was being drawn to west, ready to offer its final sigh. Though, he wondered if the day was holding its breath, for fear of dappling the land in darkness … Continue reading Sling
  • Misfit
    The ring of fire crackled with ferocious intensity as the flames reached ever higher to lick the night sky. Lit from below, the charge of dark faces looked even more maniacal as they hungrily surged through the raging magical inferno that had claimed many of their endless numbers. But not nearly enough… They advanced in … Continue reading Misfit
  • Ornament
    The light flickered… …and his eyes opened… …to the green-yellowish glow of the lantern burning from above. The small flame held nothing of the comforting warmth of the soft suffused light one would expect. Instead, its sickly hue only made the dark room more unsettling. With only the single lantern to cast shadows upon the … Continue reading Ornament
  • Wild
    The horde of marauders pummeled their way through the conifers, knocking down clumps of snow from the shivering crowns. The spruces shuddered with their passing, there where the forest stood witness to a growing army that seemed unwavering and determined in their ascent up the mountain. It was not hard for the great owl to … Continue reading Wild
  • Legend
    There was little for a girl to do on the winding road to the Capital, even if she was in the company of a band of travelling gypsies. Musicians, performers, artists and soothsayers – wandering free folk that went were the magic drew them. Surely someone could dazzle the imaginative young mind of a merchant’s … Continue reading Legend
  • Overgrown
    For anyone who ventured close to the murky edges of the Dreadwood, a deadening feeling often presaged their passage into its dusk-shrouded treeline. Despite its torpefying effects, it beckoned unwitting travellers forward, inward, and then devoured them, never to be seen again. As more souls were lost to its insatiable hunger, the trade routes that … Continue reading Overgrown
  • Ash
    Smoke… and silence. The knight was not exactly sure what he noticed first as his eyes cracked open through the layer of grime, but the world was an ethereal grey of smoke and silence. The type of silence, that felt thick and suffocating amid that dense veil that clung to the air. He was beginning … Continue reading Ash
  • Dragon
    The capital was a sprawling metropolis of rising spires that pierced the sky, and ornate domes carved in the depictions of a thriving nation. The city was not only a cultural epicentre, but a bastion of power, with nearly as many watchtowers, garrisons, and barracks spread over its rises as the halls, the temples and … Continue reading Dragon
  • Snow
    The feathery flakes hung suspended in the air; the sixfold symmetry of the tiny crystals flawlessly intact, despite the raging blizzard that eternally ravaged the mountainside. But even eternity could be frozen, it seemed. Eternity could be trapped in time as a disquieting scene of cold and unfathomable terror – a terror preserved on the … Continue reading Snow
  • Pattern
    She hissed under her breath as she lifted the dry leaves with the edge of her blade. In pursuit, even a noise as faint as this would have compromised her position. But no soul ever ventured this close to the edge of the woods. Or so she had believed… But as the faded ring lay … Continue reading Pattern
  • Swing
    The sun beamed down lazily to straddle her outstretched figure; its rays warm and seductive as it made her sigh in soft ecstasy, dappling her skin with its incandescent glow. The touch of broken light felt almost teasing as it shone through the orange blossoms, whose fragrance lured her to savour the sweet taste of Spring. She lay there … Continue reading Swing
  • Frail
    Blackblade stumbled out of the tavern into the cool night air. The mercenary’s mind was hazy with the heady brews that the barkeep had been serving, and as he sagged against the doorpost, he knew he had too much to drink. Supporting himself, he shoved his broad frame upright and looked around; vision blurred by … Continue reading Frail
  • Enchanted
    ” …the properties of the stone. Have you tested it before?” asked the mage, as he carefully turned the precious mineral in his hand. “Oh no, no. Certainly not. That would besmirch the quality and consequently affect its value…” Answered like a true swindler. Did the man really believe the scripts he was selling to … Continue reading Enchanted