AfrikaBurn – Seeking the “Golden Repair”

Freedom permits us a space that is rife with the possibilities to disassemble, break, and destroy, in order to remake, reshape, and realign. But the acceptance of such a faculty demands a great deal of vigilance from those who desperately sought it out in the first place. In truth, when we seek freedom, we do … Continue reading AfrikaBurn – Seeking the “Golden Repair”

The Myth of the Courtship of Wisdom


Legend has it that once there were three deities who were the cradle to the nature of humanity: Memory, Passion and Reason. Reason, the youngest of the three, was muse to the weavings of logic. She was garbed in the calm composure of her temperament, and her thinking was measured and refined. Poised and pragmatic, … Continue reading The Myth of the Courtship of Wisdom

The Novice’s Guide to Constructing Inner Worlds – Part 1

Inner World /ˈɪnə/ /wəːld/ A haven far removed from those mundane concerns that are woven into the fabric of reality. A realm blueprinted from the dreams, ideals, and hopes of a soul in reflection; thriving on the creativity, novelty, and life-infusing forces of imagination and marvel. It is the product of a spirit in resonance … Continue reading The Novice’s Guide to Constructing Inner Worlds – Part 1

The Hemlock Cup of Expectations

Expectation /ɛkspɛkˈteɪʃ(ə)n/ A contract mentally written in the ink of the beliefs, suppositions or conjectures harboured by a person, the premise of which is crafted from the intuitive dispositions and life experiences of the individual. A strong projection that may be directed at oneself or another, enrolled across the spectrum of appearing just and fair. … Continue reading The Hemlock Cup of Expectations

K. I. S. S. – A Lesson in the Art of Simplicity

Simplicity /sɪmˈplɪsɪti/ A principle that emulates the return to the bare necessities of living. A lifestyle by which an individual renews their awareness of their own desires, which are then given expression with the necessary act of decorum to avoid the backlash of self-imposed expectation. Its about getting back to basics. It's storytime sweeties! It … Continue reading K. I. S. S. – A Lesson in the Art of Simplicity