Bittersweet Bravery and the Ballad of a Broken Heart

Your very soul stirs the shift of a season...And in the winter of your absence...I find a comfort in the summer of your memory. Bittersweet /ˌbɪtəˈswiːt/ Adorned with the quality of awakening a sensation of pleasure, tinged with traces of longing and heartache. The description given to that indescribable mix of emotion that preludes the … Continue reading Bittersweet Bravery and the Ballad of a Broken Heart

AfrikaBurn – Seeking the “Golden Repair”

Freedom permits us a space that is rife with the possibilities to disassemble, break, and destroy, in order to remake, reshape, and realign. But the acceptance of such a faculty demands a great deal of vigilance from those who desperately sought it out in the first place. In truth, when we seek freedom, we do … Continue reading AfrikaBurn – Seeking the “Golden Repair”

Rattle the Cage and Break the Shackle

Freedom /ˈfriːdəm/ A courageous state of challenging the status quo and internalised perceptions that keeps one enthralled to a certain creed, mindset or way of living. A liberation from the self-imposed hurdles and personal fantasies that staunches growth and development. The emancipated position of assuming responsibility for one's own choices, the acknowledgement of truth, and … Continue reading Rattle the Cage and Break the Shackle

The Myth of the Courtship of Wisdom

Legend has it that once there were three deities who were the cradle to the nature of humanity: Memory, Passion and Reason. Reason, the youngest of the three, was muse to the weavings of logic. She was garbed in the calm composure of her temperament, and her thinking was measured and refined. Poised and pragmatic, … Continue reading The Myth of the Courtship of Wisdom

The Hemlock Cup of Expectations

Expectation /ɛkspɛkˈteɪʃ(ə)n/ A contract mentally written in the ink of the beliefs, suppositions or conjectures harboured by a person, the premise of which is crafted from the intuitive dispositions and life experiences of the individual. A strong projection that may be directed at oneself or another, enrolled across the spectrum of appearing just and fair. … Continue reading The Hemlock Cup of Expectations